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Injury law is all about getting results. At Cousins, Desrosiers & Morizio, P.C., we understand this as well as anyone.

Every day, we see the painful effects of work injuries and negligence accidents. Our clients have suffered injuries that affect their bodies, their ability to work, their financial stability, and their families. They come to our law office looking for answers.

Behind every successful verdict or settlement is the story of a person who has suffered a serious injury on or off the job — and also a person who has been fairly compensated. Our attorneys are as passionate as ever about getting results for our clients. Contact a lawyer in Stratford by calling (866) 225-9496. Otherwise, read on for our list of recent verdicts and settlements:

  • Widow of long distance truck driver, who suffered work related heart attack. Employer denied claim, which went to trial. Widow prevailed and employer appealed to the State Supreme Court. Court affirmed and widow awarded lump sum in excess of $500,000.00, plus $160,000.00 in penalties. In addition, widow is to receive $40,000.00 a year for life, plus cost of living adjustments (COLAs).

  • Mechanic with bilateral knee injuries: $470,000.00 settlement based on the injured worker's medical and vocational disabilites following a work realted knee injury and bilateral knee surgeries.

  • Truck Driver lifting pallets during delivery: Compensation paid during the course of 2013 and 2014 resulting in full and final settlement of $100,000.00 following lost time and permanent partial disability of the neck, and both upper extremities.
  • Construction worker residing in New Jersey injured at Connecticut job site: $187,500.00 full and final settlement to include cost of prospective lower back surgery and future indemnity benefits.
  • Salesman injured in work-related motor vehicle accident: $386,000.00 full and final settlement to include cost of potential bilateral hip surgery and other medical costs to be placed in self administered Medicare Set Aside trust, value of temporary total disability benefits future permanent partial disability benefits as assessed by the claimant's treating physician.
  • Registered nurse injured at facility while lifting a patient:  $96,000.00 full and final settlement to include $30,000.00 in indemnity benefits and remainder to be self administered in Medicare Set Aside trust accounting for future medical costs.