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You Need Workers' Comp Benefits After A Workplace Accident

At Cousins, Desrosiers & Morizio, P.C., we have pursued and secured workers' compensation benefits on behalf of injured workers throughout the state of Connecticut. We have handled claims stemming from a wide variety of work-related accidents, including:

  • Construction accidents — The construction industry has a high rate of work-related accidents, and we are prepared to help Connecticut construction workers seek workers' compensation benefits when their lives and careers are affected by such an accident.
  • Industrial accidents — Industrial settings like factories and warehouses are common locations for work-related accidents.
  • Accidents involving heavy machinery — Large machines and equipment like forklifts and power tools can be dangerous, even when handled properly. We have represented many workers injured by these machines.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents — When a fall from height or a slip on a wet floor results in injury, you may be able to collect workers' compensation benefits.
  • Motor vehicle accidents — If you have been injured in a vehicle accident while working, we can help you pursue workers' compensation claim, or a personal injury claim against the negligent driver who caused the accident.
  • Offshore and maritime accidents — We represent maritime employees who are injured on- or offshore, including in oil rig accidents.
  • Fatal accidents — We represent dependents and survivors of those who have died in workplace accidents, helping them meet the challenges of moving on with their lives and pursue the appropriate compensation after their loss.

We have experience with all types of injuries and medical conditions, including those developing over time, such as repetitive stress injuries, as well as traumatic or catastrophic injuries. With more than 45 years of combined experience, our attorneys understand the causes and effects of workplace injuries — and how to succeed on a related workers' compensation claim.

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